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The JCU Events Team have developed an Events Toolkit to assist JCU staff and students in their planning of events,both on and off campuses. The toolkit provides you with all the resources you need to organise an event of any size.

Definition of an "event": an activity organised by JCU staff or students held either on or off campus that comprises 30 attendees or more.

Key Information

The below key information and resource links have been copied from the Events Toolkit as a quick reference guide.

Event Promotion

There are a number of ways you can promote your event to the wider university community and the general public. These include:

JCU Website Events Calendar
The JCU Events Calendar located on the public website is a free promotional tool for all upcoming events.  Once you have submitted an Event Application form and it’s approved, the Events Team will automatically upload your event to the Events Calendar on the website. Email to have your event listed.

JCU Staff Communications Email
To list your event in the staff communications email please send details about the event and an image to -

Social Media
To have your event listed on our social media platforms please email

Alumni JCU Live - “What’s happening newsletter”
The Alumni Team send out a monthly “What’s Happening” newsletter to over 16,000 alumni and members of the general public who are on their mailing list. If you wish to include your event in this newsletter please ensure you submit your event to by the 20th of each month prior to your event. (E.g. if you event is on the 15th September you event must be submitted to Engagement by the 20th August).

Press Releases
If you wish to get a press release created for your event in hope to gain additional media attention you must email As the university is quiet large and there can be a number of events going on at the same time,certain events will take precedence over others.

Paid Advertising
Any advertising that is planned for a public event must be booked and approved by Marketing first. If you require paid advertising to further promote your event you must complete an Advertising Request form (see Appendix 9 in the Events Toolkit) and send it to with a minimum of two weeks’ notification. This must be done at least 4 weeks out from your event.

If you have any questions or looking to get some prices on different channels of advertising please contact the advertising team at

Equipment Hire

The Events Team can provide you with the following equipment for your event.

  • A frames (limited)
  • General JCU pull up banners
  • JCU branded tablecloths
  • Branded 3m x 3m pop up marquee
  • Plastic trestle tables

Should the item be lost, stolen or returned damaged the cost of replacing this item will be passed on to the department.  If you wish to hire out any of this equipment please email the Events Team.

Work Health and Safety

Risk Assessments
All events that are to be held on JCU Campuses must complete the Safety Checklist for events (see Appendix 6 of the Events Toolkit) and a full Risk Assessment in the university’s Risk Management System (RiskWare). A pre-completed Risk Assessment that can be duplicated can be found in RiskWare by searching for RW Number 3717. Simply clone this document and either add or remove items where they apply to your event. Once completed, those areas/people that you assigned tasks to will be notified.

Emergency Evacuation Plans
For any event that is held on campus it is important that all event staff & volunteers are fully briefed on what to do in the event of an emergency. The type of emergencies that may arise in the course of any event and the course of action required are identified in Appendix 7 of the Event Toolkit.

For any public lecture or event that involves the general public it is imperative that the Master of Ceremonies (MC) advises attendees of what to do in the event of an emergency. This information may include (but is not limited to) the following:

  • Who to follow in the event of an emergency
  • Emergency Exits
  • Emergency Assembly Points

First Aid
JCU Security Officers are all qualified First Aiders. If an incident occurs that is not life threatening or serious please contact Security for assistance. If the incident is serious please call 000. If you are regularly holding events it might be worthwhile undertaking a first aid course so that you can provide first aid assistance.

WHS Contact
If you have any questions about Work Health and Safety or require any assistance in completing your risk assessments please contact the JCU WHS team by emailing - or visit

Provision of Alcohol

On Campus
In any case where alcohol is being supplied or sold to attendees on JCU owned or controlled premises; a Provision of Alcohol form must be completed and submitted to Security at the time of event application (no less than one month prior to the proposed event date).  Failure to comply with this requirement can result in the closure of the event by security staff.

Application for Function Form (PDF, 174 KB)

In the case that a Licenced Function is being held, the organiser must obtain a Community Liquor Permit from the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation.

For any event being held on Campus it is the responsibility of the event organiser to ensure JCU’s Consumption of Alcohol policy is adhered to and all applicable liquor permit approvals are obtained prior to the event taking place.  The organiser must make themselves aware of the Qld Liquor Act 1992 and determine if a temporary liquor license needs to be obtained for the event.  This is the responsibility of the event organiser and failure to do so can result in individual fines and penalties.

Alcohol Consumption on University Property Policy


Licensed Function
An event, function or gathering held on University property at which alcohol is consumed and sold and/or a cover charge is imposed and does not take place in already licensed premises.

Non-Licensed Function
An event, function or gathering held on University property at which alcohol is consumed but not sold and a overcharge is not imposed and which does not take place in already licensed premises.


For further information or advice on coordinating events please contact the JCU Central Events Team.

Phone: (07) 4781 5179 or (07) 4781 6363