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MBA - General

People often ask is an MBA worth studying? Some come back to study to look for a career change, others for career advancement and others to acquire new professional knowledge and skills. When looking at the many industries and professions, the one thing they all have in common is that they are constantly facing a changing business environment and there is more pressure on executives to be flexible and remain connected.

The JCU MBA provides flexible learning platforms to allow students to work and study, while the revitalised curriculum focuses on governance, sustainability, creativity and innovation, conflict management and resolution and a changing world. JCU also provides all the traditional benefits of MBA study such as a vibrant and influential Alumni network, opportunities to network with existing business leaders as well as providing fresh and new perspectives into the world of business.

The MBA experience at JCU has been designed by internationally recognised Professors, in partnership with industry, to take you where you want to go.

Students must undertake the 4 foundation MBA subjects and the remainder of your degree is very flexible.

  • Select 8 subjects from the 'core' of the MBA.

  • Complete your degree with 4 choices from any of the subjects available in our MBA Majors. Or, if you'd prefer, select 4 subjects from the entire list of JCU's postgraduate subjects you meet the pre-requisites for.

Majors Available

Conflict Management & Resolution

Organisations are placing increased value on relationship development, mediation and cross-cultural dispute resolution. This major will develop your knowledge and skills to analyse, manage and resolve conflict in a wide variety of contexts.

Creativity & Innovation (available from 2015)

This major focuses on the theory of how creative practice and creativity exists within, contributes to, and influences the modern world. The methodology of design thinking is applied to find creative solutions to develop better strategies, products and services.

JCU’s MBA also boasts great flexibility so you can choose the content of your degree and tailor it to your professional needs.

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