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Media @JCU newsletter Notices Have you joined the JCU Staff Social Club yet?

Have you joined the JCU Staff Social Club yet?

The JCU Staff Social Club provides the opportunity to meet and mix with other JCU staff in a social setting and have a little bit of fun, as well as return some staff camaraderie and social culture to campus beyond just our own units.

There is a fantastic Christmas party at the end of every year, with lunch, drinks and prizes included. Free to members, this has been an awesome way to end the year, enjoying good company and having a little time-out from work. Other activities throughout the years have included meet and greet events, drinks on the JCU gym deck, etc, but they need more members to join and become involved if they are to make this club actively great again.

It will cost you $2 per fortnight, which is deducted each pay and is fully tax deductable. There is no obligation to be part of the committee.

Contact club secretary Alex Macgregor to join, or to find out more.