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Changes in the Division of Services and Resources

The nomenclature of some of the Division of Services and Resources Directorates /Units and the Advisory Committees they support, have or are in the process of changing.  The changes have been made to better reflect the operations of these areas and relevance in the university sector.  It may take some time over the next few weeks to update systems etc.

Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

Directorate Name: Has changed to Technology Solutions Directorate (TSD)

Director’s title:  Has changed to Chief Digital Officer

Information and Communications Technology Advisory Committee (ICTAC ):  Has changed to the Digital Advisory Committee (DAC).

Quality Planning and Analytics (QPA)

Directorate Name:  Has changed to Planning, Performance and Analytics Directorate (PP&AD)

Director’s title:  Has changed to Director, Planning, Performance and Analytics

Estate Directorate (ED)

Directorate Name/ Director’s title:  No Change

Facilities and Infrastructure Advisory Committee (FIAC ) :  Will change to the Estate Advisory Committee (EAC) following the next meeting on 20 June.

Financial and Business Services (FaBS)

Directorate Name:  No Change

Director’s title:  The title will change to Chief Financial Officer on the appointment of Paula Johnson’s permanent replacement - expected to be in early 2020.  Danella Forster commences on 17 June as the Director, Financial and Business Services until a permanent replacement is appointed.

Health, Safety and Environment Unit (HSE Unit)

Unit Name: Will change to Workplace Health and Safety Unit – However will not come into effect until approved by the University Council.

Manager’s title (Andrew Reddicliffe):  Has Changed (effective immediately) to Manager Workplace Health and Safety