JCU Ideas Lab update

There has been considerable progress in the construction of the Cairns Innovation Centre building, which has now been re-named the JCU Ideas Lab. The construction of the building remains on track and we expect completion by 17 July 2020 with an official opening in either September or October this year.

The core components of the JCU Ideas Lab are:

  • The physical things, machinery, analytical equipment, tools and spaces required for collaboration, invention and innovation.
  • Makers Space - a workshop rich in technology and tools for concept development and prototyping.
  • Innovation Gallery – a showcase for research and innovation in the Atrium.
  • Open access work areas – with an emphasis on setting and environment conducive to collaboration and mutual assistance.
  • Multipurpose rooms – nominally for symposiums, workshops, training and meetings.
  • The establishment of a JCU Incubator to assist start-ups and companies wishing to innovate their current businesses.

The Electronic Engineering and Internet of Things programs will be the first group to move into the JCU Ideas Lab, ready for Semester Two. It is anticipated that JCU’s expertise in this space will be the catalyst for innovation in a diverse range of industries and sectors including health, agriculture, the environment and tourism to name but a few.

There has also been progress in relation to the proposed activities to be undertaken inside the building. We are close to making two important appointments to ensure the effective operation of the JCU Ideas Lab. In addition, we are working on a series of events to kick off the activity in the new building. These will be a mix of internal and externally focused events to expose a diverse group of stakeholders to the opportunities that the JCU Ideas Lab presents.

Artist impression of the building, showing a box-shape

artist impression of the inside of the building, showing an open space with lots of seating areas