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Media @JCU newsletter Notices – headed from good to great – headed from good to great

In the quest from good to great, has recently evolved further to show users why JCU offers a student experience like no other.  Recent changes include:

  • A dynamic home page that showcases a commitment to excellence in research and teaching through global research connections
  • 26+ new discipline and focus areas which establishes our value proposition and Unique Selling Points (USPs) in an increasingly competitive world
  • An improved search experience through a new search interface and predictive and contextual search algorithms. The more you use search the quicker the back-end learns what you are looking for, and the search function will refine and increase the accuracy of its results.

The changes to are part of the Acquisition and Retention – Recruitment strategy thatis available here. This strategy balances purposeful continuity (acting now)with thinking differently (preparing for the future)

Your feedback on the look, feel and substance of the JCU brand is welcome and encouraged. Please send any feedback to Graham Willcock, Director Marketing.