Snakes on campus

Snakes on campus

Snakes are currently very active on campus and a number of call outs have occurred to relocate snakes from in and around buildings in recent days.

Snakes are a part of our natural campus environment and in most cases will avoid contact with humans. If you do see a snake please remain calm and walk away slowly.

If the snake is located inside a building or poses a potential threat to people please contact the Estate helpdesk during office hours on 4781 4444 or call JCU Security outside office hours on 4781 6000.

Please provide information on the snake’s location and its approximate size. A qualified snake catcher will be called out to assess the situation and if required, relocate the snake.

Snakes are protected by law and only suitably trained staff are able to capture and relocate snakes on campus under JCU’s reptile relocation permit.