About Us IT/AV Services

CRRH IT/AV Services

The CRRH’s Information Technology Department provides IT, Audio Visual and Video Conferencing Services and support to its staff, students on placements and visiting academics. The staff and students also have access to wi-fi on campus and on some of the student accommodations.

The CRRH has recently merged with JCU and has integrated with the JCU Systems and Services to provide its users the same JCU learning and teaching experience.

The CRRH has 9 lecture rooms which are fully equipped with Video Conference (VC) facilities capable of duo-view conference over IP. It also supports desktop based video conferencing such as Jabber or Skype 4 Business. In addition, CRRH has four tele-Conference systems for meeting requirements where VC is not possible.

The student computer lab consist of 12 computers with Windows 8 operating systems, with the latest updates and software. It also has a printer and scanner to help students in scanning and printing their assignments at no cost. An additional two computers and a multifunctional printer with scan, copy and print feature is available at the Yacca Library for student use.

The IT section also provides Desktop support as one of its major roles to its end users as well as provides technical support to any external parties or partners who use the CRRH IT/AV facilities on site. We also manage the CRRH Building Security Systems.

Further to this, we provide IT/AV and Video Conferencing services to Cloncurry Learning Centre and Longreach Centre for Rural & Remote Health as well as provide technical support and assistance in all IT/AV matters.