Our Objectives

Here at MICRRH we strive to excel in the following objectives:

  • Improving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people's health and well-being

  • Building and retaining the health workforce for outback Queensland's future through cutting edge clinical education and placements; public health education, support and training

  • Innovating and providing quality improvement in sustainable health service delivery, practice and models of care for remote, rural and vulnerable peoples of outback Queensland

  • Promoting public health and well-being to outback Queensland communities, industry groups (mining, pastoral, transport and service sectors) and vulnerable populations

  • Progressing priority research through strategic alliances and partnerships with health service organisations, practitioners, UDRHs, JCU (and other universities), and communities

  • Progressing health reform and health improvement through advocacy and leadership in remote, rural and Indigenous health

  • Cultivating an enviable corporate and organisational reputation