Staff Profile: Fallan Willis

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Staff Profile: Fallan Willis

Fallan Willis

Student and Registrar Coordinator

Role at the CRRH

Fallan Willis's role at the CRRH is to look after all student placements. Fallan takes students from all Universities for all Health Related Disciplines. She also books and looks after all the accommodation needs for students, keeps the students up to date with whats going on, helps them get orientated into the local community and provide on-going and friendly support during their placement.


Fallan was born and bred in Mount Isa and just loves it. She is  very passionate about our little community and wants to keep it thriving for many, many more years to come. Coming from a previous Human Resources job she  knew that she wanted to work with people, Fallan applied for the position at CRRH and has loved it ever since. She loves being able to show students our town and get them to experience our rural outback experience.