Staff Profile: Robin Wilson

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Staff Profile: Robin Wilson

Robin Wilson

Speech Pathologist, Clinical Educator


B Sp Th'y, M Ed (Hons), MSPA, CPSP

Role at the CRRH

Speech Pathology student supervision - chiefly for paediatric placements, but able to provide support for adult clinical practice also.
Casual employment - 5 days/week during placements.


Highly experienced clinician and clinical educator for paediatric and adult caseloads. Born in rural/remote NSW, grew up in Tasmania, attended UQ, with Masters through JCU, Townsville. Lived and worked in rural and remote locations in Qld, Tas, and UK, and in metropolitan NSW (Sydney). Employed in public, private, and university sectors. Worked in health, education and university environments.

Professional roles/memberships

Speech Pathologist paediatric and adult hospital and community health settings;
in school-based education settings;
in itinerant remote setting;
in private practice servicing paediatric and adult populations, including hospital and nursing homes;
in community and rural settings for NHS, UK; i
n community-based early intervention setting.
Member Speech Pathology Australia, Certified Practicing Speech Pathologist

Professional achievements

Completing Cross Cultural Awareness Facilitator Training (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander);
Completing Master of Education (Hons) by research in urban Aboriginal community (Socialisation, communication and literacy practices in an urban Aboriginal family);

Research interests

Socialisation, communication and literacy practices in Indigenous communities as affecting participation in mainstream education;