Staff Profile: Sally West

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Staff Profile: Sally West

Sally West

Western Cape Site Coordinator and Rural Lecturer, Remnote Allied Health


RIPRN, GCertDisMgnt, MPH, MNursClinEd

Role at the CRRH

Sally West is a Nursing Academic based in Weipa. She coordinates the student experience while on placement in Weipa. Fosters relationships with Western Cape College to facilitate the student exposure to health students. Coordination of inter-professional education and multi-disciplinary student team meetings. Maintains a network of current students living in Weipa studying health disciplines.


Clinical Nurse and Nurse Education in Weipa and remote communities within Cape York for the past 6 years.
Previously contributed to the implementation of public health interventions, as well as both community and staff public health education in remote Indigenous Australian communities within Cape York. Previous focus paediatrics, emergency and infectious disease nursing in Brisbane and Central Queensland since 2004.

Research Interests

Reduction of discrepancies between available resources in urban vs rural contexts.  
Student placement models.