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Staff Profile: Vijay Thummala

Vijay Thummala

Manager, MICRRH Operations


Role at MICRRH

Vijay Thummala manages and oversees the daily operations of Mount Isa Centre for Rural and Remote Health including the management of various budgets and grants. Vijay Thummala provides strategic support to the Director, MICRRH including actively seeking additional grant funding to support infrastructure expansion across the MICRRH region. He brings his extensive budgeting, team management and organizational skills to this role.


Vijay is a fully qualified accountant. He graduated from Griffith University with a Masters degree in Professional Accountancy and went on to complete an exhaustive CPA program to become a fellow of CPA Australia. He has extensively worked in various senior management roles in finance and accounting departments across different industries.

Achievements/Professional Roles

A member of CPA Australia.