Critical reflection and planning for feedback in supervision

Masterclass 2: Critical reflection and planning for feedback in supervision

1 day workshop | 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Masterclass details

This workshop will focus on key topics related to teaching and modelling critical reflection in professional practice, integrating educational concepts and empirical findings, and providing opportunities for supervisors to explore difficult areas in clinical supervision. The importance of planning for feedback is also discussed. The simulated vignettes and discussion questions are designed to encourage participants to engage with, the following three topics: the importance of pre-planning for feedback within supervision; fostering critical reflection; and linking theory, research and practice. Components of competence, and specific skills related to each topic, will be clearly identified. The content is covered within the relational context of the supervisory relationship.

The aim of this Masterclass

After completing this workshop you will:

  1. have a better understanding of critical reflective practice and its importance in clinical practice.
  2. be able to identify, apply and model the use of critical reflective practice models in supervision
  3. have an understanding of the importance of pre-planning for feedback in supervision, and have some practical resources you can use to do this.
  4. have explored the importance of modelling skills in giving and receiving feedback as a part of a supervisee's development, and to further develop the supervisory relationship.

This one-day workshop will consist of a mix of didactic presentation, experiential exercises, and group discussion. A short quiz is used to assess knowledge and understanding of the topic prior to the workshop. Experiential exercises will also be used throughout the day to enable the trainer to evaluate practical skills. Further assessment may be included for supervising Psychologists who need to meet the Psychology Board of Australia and the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency requirements (to retain their supervisory status).

Who is this Masterclass for?

This is an expert workshop designed for allied health professionals who provide clinical supervision and who want to refresh their skills in this area.

More information for supervising Psychologists

You are also expected to stay up-to-date with the program requirements of your supervisees, and your requirements as a supervisor.  It is important to note that a Masterclass is NOT a general “refresher” course. Masterclasses focus on one specific topic relevant to supervision. Supervisors are required to self-assess against the supervisor competencies (see pages 2-4 of the supervisor’s guide) and if you feel you need a more general refresher AHPRA strongly encourages you to complete multiple Masterclasses and/or components 1 and 2 of a Board-approved full supervisor training program (see below).

Supervisor training

AHPRA provides the following information regarding supervisor training

The following supervisor training meets the Board’s requirement for renewal of Board-approved supervisor status every five years:



Completion of one Board-approved master class

Meets minimum requirement

Completion of more than one Board-approved master class

Exceeds requirement

Completion of Component 1,2 and 3 of a Board-approved full supervisor training program

Exceeds requirement

Completion of Component 1 and 2 (only) of a Board-approved full supervisor training program

Exceeds requirement

Completion of Component 2 (only) of a Board-approved full supervisor training program

Exceeds requirement

Completion of Component 1 (only) or Component 3 (only) of a Board-approved full supervisor training program

Does not meet the requirement*

*This is because component 1 does not integrate and assess both knowledge and skills as is the case in a Master class, and Component 3 does not have sufficient assessment of theory and knowledge, and cannot be taken alone (Component 1 and 2 are pre-requisites for Component 3).

Finally, it is important to remember that AHPRA requires you to complete a form and send in a certified copy of your Masterclass certificate and an application form to retain your status as a board approved supervisor.

This workshop is only one part of the process. More information can be found here and the form can be found here

Your trainers

Dr. Sarah Lutkin

Sarah is a Clinical Psychologist with a Doctorate in Clinical Geropsychology and a Masters in Suicidology. She has experience working with young people experiencing varying severity of mental health problems and has worked extensively in rural and remote locations.

Sarah is a Clinical Psychologist currently teaching at a undergraduate and postgraduate level, and supervising in her role as Psychology Clinic Manager with James Cook University. She has completed a Doctorate in Clinical Geropsychology, with a research focus on anxiety in older adults, and a Masters in Suicidology. She has lived and worked for over 20 years in rural and remote locations and is passionate about improving the mental wellbeing of those living in these areas. She is currently the National convener for the Rural and Remote Interest Group for the Australian Psychological Society, and is a council member of the National Rural Health Alliance.

Sarah has worked across the lifespan, with varying severity of mental health problems in all sectors of service provision in both clinical and leadership roles. She has been supervising provisional psychologists across different pathways for over 7 years and is approved to provide supervision for clinical endorsement.

Dr. Jacqueline Olley

Jacqueline is a Clinical Psychologist who has a particular interest in working with people living in regional, rural, and remote Australia.  She has spent a number of years living and working in North West Queensland and is currently based in regional New South Wales.  She has a warm, friendly and approachable manner and she works creatively and collaboratively to provide evidence-based treatment that is tailored to meet the specific needs. Jacqueline is experienced in providing treatment for a wide range of psychological and emotional problems, across lifespan and culture.

Jacqueline uses a systemic framework and is experienced in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT), Schema Therapy and EMDR.  Her education background includes Doctor in Clinical Psychology, Master of Science, Bachelor (Honours) of Psychology. Jacqueline is approved by the Psychology Board of Australia to provide all types of supervision program (pathway) including provisional, general and clinical endorsement.

Dr Sharon Varela

Dr. Sharon Varela is a Senior Psychologist and a Mental Health Academic with the Centre for Rural and Remote Health. She is located in Longreach but works across the Central West and North West regions of Queensland. She completed her PhD research in clinical and sport psychology, developing and implementing a prevention program in the area of resilience, sport and youth. Sharon has extensive experience in the areas of training and supervision of provisional and student psychologists, and for allied health workers in general through collaborative practice model

Sharon is a lifespan psychologist who has held senior clinical roles and leadership roles across government, not-for-profit, university and private sectors in the following areas of psychology: health, forensic mental health, mental health, disability, organisational, developmental, educational, research, survey design.

Cost, location and dates

This Masterclass is available in Mount Isa, Longreach, Cairns, Townsville, Mackay and Rockhampton. Please follow the Register Now link for details of locations and dates, or return to the main page. Each Masterclass will cost $350. If you would attend more than one MICRRH and the College of Healthcare Sciences Masterclass in a 12 month period, you will receive a 50% discount on the second Masterclass. If this is your second or third Masterclass please ensure you select the discount option on the payment page.

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