Step 3 - Plan subjects

The next step is to plan your subjects. If you have studied before, complete an application for credit for previous study.

How do I plan my subjects? 

1. Find your course's study plan on the Course Enrolment Planner website. Your study plan will show you what subjects you have to enrol in.

2. Select four subjects (some courses may have less) from your level 1 planner and write them down as you go (TIP: use this study planner template). Your subjects will either be core or electives:

  • CORE (already on plan): This means you must enrol in the subject listed
  • CORE (choose one subject): This means you must enrol in ONE of the subjects listed
  • ELECTIVE: this means you must choose ONE subject from the list provided or use Subject Search to choose a subject. For help with subject search, view Subject Search help.

3. Once you have chosen your subjects, you can continue to Step 4 - Timetable .

I have studied before - can I apply for credit?

If you have studied before you may be eligible to apply for credit for previous study (Advanced Standing). Having credit from previous study could reduce how many subjects you need to do.

Submit the Credit for Previous Study form as soon as possible but no later than two weeks before class starts. If you are successful, you'll have to wait until we contact you before you can plan or enrol in your subjects. This is because your study plan will be different than everyone else's.

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