Step 4 - Get your timetable

Once you choose your subjects you need to check your timetable to ensure you have no lecture clashes.

Check your timetable

Download a timetable planner.

Go to the timetable website. At the Timetable Login screen, select the Student Timetable option.

Select Subjects on the left side of the screen.

Select your College, or other department as appropriate, from the first drop-down menu.

Select Campus if required.

Select your subjects from the drop-down menu. You can select more than one subject by holding down the CTRL key on your keyboard as you make your selections.

Select the study period or teaching weeks.

Finally, choose the days and times from the next two drop-down menus (the best option, unless there are intensives or weekend activities is to choose 'all week' and 'all hours'.

Write down the subject classes in your timetable planner. Tutorials and workshops are usually repeated and you only need to choose one time, however it's a good idea to write down several options.

For more help on how to use your timetable, see our Timetable Help page.

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