Step 3 – Plan your studies

Step 3 – Plan your studies

Planning your enrolment can be an exciting time – you will be able to explore your options, plan your subjects and get your lecture timetable for the semester.

I am studying a full degree (Diploma, Bachelor, Master)

This is the fun part! Find your degree on the Course and Subject Handbook website and choose your subjects. Your planner will show you what subjects you have to enrol in (core subjects) and what choices you have for your optional subjects.

Once you have been admitted in your course you will be able to choose your subjects. Before you enrol online remember to check your study timetable to make sure you do not have any lecture clashes.

I am only studying one or two semesters (Study Abroad/Exchange)

We will enrol you in your chosen subjects from your subject list. You can check these pre-approved subjects on eStudent four weeks prior to Orientation Week. You will need approval from your home institution and James Cook University if you want to change a subject. Contact for details.

Do not forget to check your timetable to make sure you do not have any lecture clashes.

I have studied before – can I apply for credit?

Full degree students who have studied before may be eligible to apply for credit for previous study (Advanced Standing). Having credit from previous study could reduce how many subjects you need to do to complete your degree at JCU.

Submit the Credit for Previous Study form at least two weeks before the semester starts. If you are successful, you will have to wait until your Divisional Enrolment Team contacts you before you can plan or enrol in your subjects. This is because your study plan will be different than everyone else's.

I need help

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