When and where is it?

9.30am – 2pm, June 3-14 2019

JCU Cairns, Smithfield, Library B1, Room 020

What is UniPrep?

The JCU UniPrep program is a short course providing you with the essential skills you need to succeed at university study.

You’ll get an introduction to skills like essay writing, computer basics and time management. You’ll also receive career guidance and advice on selecting the right university course for you.

During the two weeks, you’re able to get a real understanding of the ins and outs of university life and how it can work for you. We’ll discuss any concerns you may have around finances and how to balance uni with your lifestyle with options like part-time or online study. You’ll meet like-minded people, get to know the campus and explore the resources the JCU Library has to offer. Download the flyer.

UniPrep is free of charge, you just need to register.

Places are limited so be sure to register ASAP to secure your place.

If you’ve thought about what a difference a university degree could make to your life, but haven’t taken the next step, UniPrep is for you. It gives you an insight into university study, without the pressure of commitment to a full degree.

UniPrep is open to anyone who has left school, and has the potential to meet the entry requirements for JCU. You must be an Australian citizen, permanent resident or holder of a humanitarian visa.

We have had attendees from age 19 to 55 years old and the course is run inside school hours, so if you have kids at school, you can still drop them off and pick them up.

You may worry you’re not cut out for university or be unsure if you can adjust back to study if you left school some time ago. Perhaps you have concerns about keeping up in class, fitting in or making friends.

You’re not alone. Many people allow these doubts to stop them taking the next step. The JCU team are here to guide and support you, building confidence as well as academic knowledge and practical skills.

UniPrep is the first step in your journey to becoming a successful and sought after JCU graduate.

Through the UniPrep program you’ll discover whether university study is for you, and if so, which JCU course suits your future goals.

You may choose to enter a one-year JCU Diploma of Higher Education, or perhaps your education, work and life experience may allow you to apply straight to a degree.

In some cases you may even be able to gain credit for previous experience, saving you money and enabling you to complete study sooner.

Completing UniPrep doesn’t guarantee entry into a JCU degree. However, during the program we can help you review your previous experience and discover what you can do to achieve your goals.

If you have any questions about UniPrep, please contact us via uniprep@jcu.edu.au.