North Queensland Festival of Life Sciences

North Queensland Festival of Life Sciences TTH Research Week North Queensland Festival of Life Sciences

Microscopy Image Competition

In conjunction with the Festival Olympus are holding a Microscopy Image Competition.

Photographic entries are invited from members of the life science research community.

The winner will receive a Digital Camera along with a $100 cash prize.

Conditions of Entry

  • The photograph can be of a microscopy image of any type (electron microscope, optical, confocal, atomic force, etc.)

  • The image must relate to life sciences

  • The image must be accompanied by a description of: Identification of the microscopy technique , the magnification used and description of the image

  • Images should be new to the festival

Images will be judged on quality and composition

Images will be displayed as a slideshow during the festival.

Production of Images

Each image (jpeg is preferable) must include the following embedded in the image:

1. Short Description of the image

2. Identification of the microscopy technique, magnification used

3. Exhibitor name

Labeling images can be done in Microsoft Word or Microsoft Paint.