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Past Open Days

Discover students' experiences at previous JCU Open Days in the videos below, or see our image galleries: JCU Cairns Open Day 2019 and JCU Townsville Open Day 2019.

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Emma's story
“I wanted to attend Open Day because I wanted to see the transition from being a high school student to becoming an adult and actually getting to experience the culture of being a university student. ” - Emma, Bachelor of Primary Education
Stephanie's story
“Speaking to the academics made me realise how adaptable each degree is. I didn’t have many prerequisites starting at university and they made me realise all the different pathways to get into what you want to do.” - Stephanie, Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery
Ben's story
“The benefits of coming to Open Day were being able to interact and talk with all of the disciplines that were on display.” - Ben, Master of Public Health & Master of Business Administration