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How do you slow down fast objects? This is your challenge – to design and build an invention that when launched, it goes the shortest distance. It is easy to create something that just ‘flies’ BUT how do you design something that dissipates the momentum – the energy – in an object so that it goes very little distance? At JCU’s Open Day, we welcome students of all ages to come out and compete with their design. On the day, our pneumatic launcher will be capable of sending a full can of soda >20m. We are looking for a design that flies a much shorter distance.

Have an opened mind and be creative! Your invention can sprout wings or a parachute, break apart and shower bystanders with confetti, or be so aerodynamically inefficient that it drops out of the sky.

Event guidelines and rules

TownsvilleSunday, 13 August 2017 behind Building 134. Heats start from 11am, with finals taking place from 2:30pm.
CairnsSunday, 20 August 2017 next to Building A3. Heats start from 11am, with finals taking place from 2:30pm.

Upon arrival on the day, you will need to have your invention checked and approved by the judges prior to competing to ensure all rules and guidelines have been met.

Specific rules must be taken into consideration when designing your invention, including:

  • Maximum diameter: 40mm (diameter of a can of Coke)
  • Weight: between 325g and 375g (full can of Coke)
  • Maximum length: 300mm

Please note that the distance travelled will be measured from the launcher to the furthest component of your invention.

Terms and conditions and parental consent

Cairns Open Day

Townsville Open Day

Team registration

Team registrations close Friday 11 August 2017.

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