Dry Laboratory




The dry laboratory is one of the original buildings of the research station, refurbished in 2004 it is available for all visitors to undertake various scientific and experimental tasks, primarily microscopic analysis of specimens, chemical preparation/use and data input. This fully air-conditioned lab is equipped with two functional areas. A microscope room, that permanently houses a variety of microscopes and a larger room, provided with several benches and seating areas for data analysis, areas for microscope use and chemical preparation. The laboratory is equipped with a wireless and cable internet access plus a basic range of scientific and analytical equipment which can be found listed below.

If you require specialized equipment for your research visit that is not listed below, loans of equipment can often be arranged. Three major science institutions, James Cook University, the Australian Institute of Marine Science and the Great Barrier Reef Park Marine Authority are based in nearby Townsville. Thus a wealth of scientific resources including specialist expertise, libraries, laboratory facilities, collections and technical support is close at hand.

Additionally overseas visitors may bring scientific equipment into Australia duty-free, provided they take the equipment out of Australia when departing. This however does require advance documentation, without which duty may be charged and there are restrictions on the import and export of biological material.


Olympus BX41 (mx 1958)

Olympus BH2 High power photo (mx 594)

Olympus BX41 Fluorescent.jpg

Olympus BH2 high power photo.jpg

Olympus CH2 (mx 882)

Olympus CH (mx 421)

Olympus High CH2 mx 882 - vertion 2.jpg

Olympus High power CH mx 421.jpg

Laborlux 12 – Ernest Leitz Wetzlar (mx 565)

Microscope Laborlux 12 mx 565.jpg

Stereo Microscopes

Olympus SZ61 with microscope Digital Camera Olympus DP70 (mx 2000)

Olympus SZ40 (mx 858) and (mx 913)

Olympus SZ61 - DP70.jpg

Olympus SZ40 mx 858.jpg

Olympus SD (mx 493); (mx 515); (mx 1446)

Olympus SD (mx 485) with big arm base

Olympus SD mx 1446.jpg

Olympus SD big suport.jpg

Wild Heerburgg M7 (mx 560/1)

Wild Heerburgg M8 (mx 611/1)

Wild Heerburgg M7_2.jpg

Wild Heerburgg M8.jpg

Olympus EMM-7 Photomicrography Exposure Meter

Olympus Photomicrography Apparatus

Olympus EMM-7 Photomicrography Exposure Meter.jpg

Olympus Photomicrography apparatus.jpg

Olympus Lights

Flexible light stems.jpg

Technical Equipment

Fridge for the storage of specimens/samples/chemicals

Ultra Freezer Sanyo MDF-U33V (-86°C)


ultra freezer sanyo.jpg

pH – mV – Temperature - LabChem pH – TPS

Balance semi-analytical digital - ADAM AFP- 720L (max 720g)


semianalytical balance.jpg

Dry Vaccum Pump/Compressor - WELCH Model 2511C-02

Nalgene PVC Hand-Operated Vacuum Pumps with Gauge

dry vaccum pump.jpg

hand operated vaccum pump.jpg

IKA Mini Shaker – MS1

LCD Portable Digi-Thermo


lcd portable digi thermo.jpg

MEMMERT Sterilization Laboratory Oven

Light Meter with Memory

lab oven.jpg


Centrifuge EPPENDORF 5702R

Grant W28 Thermostatic bath/ Circulator


thermostatic bath.jpg

Triple Beam balance (capacity 2610g)


triple beam balance 2.jpg

Laboratory Glassware

lab supplies, filters.jpg

lab glassware.jpg

A basic range of glassware/specimen containers is available for use including:

  • Beakers, ranging in size from 50ml through to 1000ml
  • Volumetric and Erlenmeyer Flasks, ranging in size from 20ml through to 2000ml
  • Ceramic Funnels, 7cm and 12cm
  • Volumetric pipets, 5mL, 10ml and 25mL
  • Disposable Pasteur Pipets;
  • Pipet tip 1000µL (blue); Pipet tip 1- 200 µL (yellow)
  • Test tubes (big, medium, small, plastic and glass, with or without flat botton);
  • MicroCentrifuge tubes (2mL graduated with flat cap);
  • Millipore Membrane Filters (0,22 µm) - Durapore
  • Cellulose nitrate Membranes filters (0,45 µm) – Whatman
  • pH indicator strips non-bleeding (Neutralit pH 5-10)

Orpheus Island


The Orpheus Island Research Station actively seeks volunteers to assist with station duties throughout the year. See our Volunteer Program webpage for further information.

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