Analogium amakusanum (Nudibranch)

Yellow and white Nudibranch

Photo Courtesy of: Haley Burgess





Analogium amakusanum

Common name(s)


Main colour(s)

Orange trim, White body

Body size

40 – 60mm

Life span


Orpheus Island Research Station


This distinctive flatworm is seldom seen and then generally is found on the reef flat zone. It was first identified and named in southwestern Japan in 1995 by I. Hamatani.

It has has a translucent white to pale creamy body, yellow with bright yellow orange to orange longitudinal ridges. The notal brim and foot margins are the same color. The gills are arranged in a transverse row across the back in this species. They are translucent white with a orange line up their front axis.The small and lamellate rhinophores have a translucent stalk and lower half of the clavus with the upper half of the clavus orange.

Sites where this species can be found at OIRS

First sighted on brown algae at low tide Pioneer Bay 16th Sept 2011

Research that has been undertaken at OIRS


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