Bufo marinus

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Photo Courtesy of: Mette Due Nielsen

(Cane toad)




Bufo marinus

Common name(s)

Cane toad

Giant neotropical toad

Marine toad

Main colour(s)


Body size

15 cm

Life span

15 years


Orpheus Island Research Station


The cane toad has poison gland between each eye. Particular concern is its toxic skin, which kills many animals, native predators. The skin is dry. The colour is brown and they have a paled belly.


The cane toad is not native to Australia and is now considered as a pest in many of its introduced regions. They original comes from America. They live mostly in tropics and semiarid environments.


Their tadpoles are toxic to most animals and are therefore very hard to get rid of, and since there are no animals that eat either them or the tadpoles they have no natural predators.

Sites where this species can be found at OIRS

Throughout Orpheus Island

Research that has been undertaken at OIRS

2011: 8 cubic meters of frozen cane toad removed off island

2012: 11 cubic meters of frozen cane toad removed off island

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