Demansia torquata

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Photo Courtesy of: Haley Burgess

(Collared whip snake)




Demansia torquata

Common name(s)

Collared whip snake

Main colour(s)

Varies from grey to brown to olive.

Body size

Up to 70 cm

Life span


Orpheus Island Research Station


The collared whip snake is a very slender snake. The colors are mostly olive-brown and the head is often more dark than the rest of the body.


The range varies from temperate to tropical regions in north-eastern QLD. The snake lives mostly in open forest.


The collared whip snake uses weak venom to paralyze the small skinks and geckos that is its diet.

Danger Level and First Aid

Slightly venomous for humans.

Sites where this species can be found at OIRS

Whilst this snake is believed to be distributed throughout Orpheus Island, it is most frequently seen basking on rocks on track to point or around lab area gardens and marine display tank.

Research that has been undertaken at OIRS


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