Dendrelaphis punctulata

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Photo Courtesy of: Haley Burgess

(Green tree snake)




Dendrelaphis punctulata

Common name(s)

Common tree snake

Green tree snake

Grass snake

Main colour(s)

Varies from green to olive to black with a blue flecks.

Body size

Up to 2 m

Life span

20 years


Orpheus Island Research Station


The snake is long and slender. Upper body has a dark greenish color whereas the belly is light green or yellowish.


Their habitat is rainforest, dry woodland and farmland.


The snake is active during the day. It is a very fast moving snake, who is said to commonly enter human homes. The diet is primary frogs and skinks.

Danger Level and First Aid

The snake is non-venomous.

Sites where this species can be found at OIRS

Whilst this snake is believed to be distributed throughout Orpheus Island, it is most frequently seen hunting skinks and frogs around the accommodation areas and saltwater pump shed during the hottest part of the day.

Research that has been undertaken at OIRS


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