Litoria caerulea

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Photo Courtesy of: Mette Due Nielsen

(Green Tree Frog)




Litosia caerulea

Common name(s)

Green Tree Frog

Main colour(s)


Body size

Up to 12 cm

Life span

23 years


Orpheus Island Research Station


The frog can have a light or dark green body with a pale belly. The snout is round and short and it has big disc on every finger.


The green tree frog is widespread in Australia, except Tasmania and Victoria. They normally are found in urban areas around wet areas, ex. Forest, wetland, woodland.


The frog eats all kind of invertebrates and is often found during the night around spotlight where they feed on bugs that gets attracted to the light. The species is known to live long.

Sites where this species can be found at OIRS

OIRS has a very healthy population of green tree frogs with over 36 babies seen to survive most years. Commonly found hiding in laundry tubs, down drain pipes, on side of water tanks or above the door in room two Havana.

Research that has been undertaken at OIRS


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