Saltwater System


The station has a flow-through system of good quality seawater directly pumped in via twin 110 mm saltwater pipelines which extends 60 metres off the edge of the reef crest, immediately in front of the station. The seawater is pumped into three header tanks, storing both unfiltered and filtered seawater. Both unfiltered and filtered seawater is pumped through to the various laboratory areas where it can be directly accessed for experimental use.

Some specifications of OIRS saltwater system includes:

  • A total of 90,000 lietres of seawater storage in three header tanks
  • A saltwater pump capable of moving 30,000 litres of seawater per hour to the header tanks
  • Seawater filtered to various levels as finely as 0.5 µm can be delivered to certain areas of the station (TCR Labs, Wet Lab and raceway area)
  • A variety of glass aquaria, plastic containers, tanks and raceways can be set up throughout the system pending specific project requirements
  • Waste seawater is gravity fed directly back to the sea via a discharge pipeline located 65 metres from the shore

Orpheus Island


The Orpheus Island Research Station actively seeks volunteers to assist with station duties throughout the year. See our Volunteer Program webpage for further information.

Research Station

Orpheus Island Research Station provides a range of excellent facilities to suit both research and educational groups.

Using the Station