Temperature Controlled Rooms

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The station has available for hire for a small daily fee, three climatic controlled rooms suitable for conducting temperature sensitive research projects. These rooms have plumbing mounted to the wall in eight individual outlets giving access to heated seawater, chilled seawater, filtered seawater, raw seawater & air reticulation. This can be set up either as a open (flow through system) or a closed system.

A computer controlled air conditioning system has been installed to maintain and monitor each individual room’s temperature and humidity. This system is capable of supplying room temperature logging if required.

Water temperature and filtration levels are common for all three rooms, however a range of filter sizes to suit requirements can be installed inline and individual water heaters can be used to obtain different temperatures, (ie heated/chilled/ambient). All the various sizes of aquaria or tanks available can be used within the rooms, either placed on floors or benches. The benches are mobile and can be set-up as to meet individual researcher’s needs.

Technical Specifications

Laboratory Room



3,850mm x 4,470mm x 2,700mm


3,850mm x 4,470mm x 2,700mm


3,850mm x 3,960mm x 2,700mm

  • 2 x 100 mm salt water discharge points into the ocean

  • 2 x 100 mm return outlets for heated and chilled water to go back to the under floor 2 x 4,000 litre storage tanks and be on a partial exchange with new seawater to maintain low nutrient water

  • Four separate 15amp general purpose power outlets per room for specific electrical equipment or attach specialised waterproof power boards to give multiple outlets and/or timer controlled outlets

  • Lights – Sylvania Oracle Wide Beam with 150w MH c/w 20K Lamp

  • Semi-submersible water heaters available for use (240V; 2000W)

  • Carrier Seawater Heater/Chiller Units (Universal Infrared Series –Carel)

  • Water temperature range = 5o below ambient \ 5o above ambient

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The Orpheus Island Research Station actively seeks volunteers to assist with station duties throughout the year. See our Volunteer Program webpage for further information.

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