Water and Power Supply

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Water Supply

The Station's fresh water supply is derived entirely from rainwater that is UV-treated and filtered. A series of 14 tanks store up to 420,000 litres. However as the local rainfall comes over a few short months each year, supply is limited. Visitors are required to conserve water as much as possible and OIRS management may impose restrictions on usage during prolonged dry periods.

Power Supply

The station is powered by three 65KVA Cummins Generators. A small amount of solar hot water heating systems are also installed. Power supply to the entire station is generally reliable but there is a remote chance supply may be subject to interruptions without warning. Additionally due to changes in load demand may result in low level surges in the power supply. It is recommended that if visitors are using sensitive electronic equipment to bring surge protection boards. Most areas of the station have surge protectors available but supply is limited.


Orpheus Island


The Orpheus Island Research Station actively seeks volunteers to assist with station duties throughout the year. See our Volunteer Program webpage for further information.

Research Station

Orpheus Island Research Station provides a range of excellent facilities to suit both research and educational groups.

Using the Station