Wet Laboratory

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Used for animal/plant dissections, sorting of samples and use of formalin and preserving alcohol, the wet lab is a large undercover area that is fully concreted and provides both natural lighting and shaded areas.

It comes equipped with a range of large fiberglass sorting tables, stainless steel benches and other equipment needed for maintaining a range of aquaria. All benches/tables have direct plumbing access to air, filtered and unfiltered seawater from the saltwater system. Each working space is also equipped with suspended waterproof power outlets and has access to freshwater taps and sinks.

A range of aquaria and tanks up to 5000L is available for use and basic plumbing is supplied to enable connection to the saltwater system. For a full listing of available equipment please see the list below.

Aquaria Tanks

Round Fiberglass Tanks - Large

Round Fiberglass Tanks – Medium

Concaved base with two 50mm ball valve drains

Concaved base with two 25mm ball valve drains

Dimensions: 1930mm x 1330mm

Dimensions: 1040mm x 600mm

Capacity: 3800L

Capacity: 500L

Quantity: 1

Quantity: 1



Oval Plastic Tanks

Round Plastic Tanks

Dimensions: 2240mm x 1040mm x 460mm

Dimensions: 1090mm x 350mm

Capacity: 1000L

Capacity: 320L

Quantity: 11

Quantity: 12



Rectangle Nelly Bins

Glass Aquaria – Various sizes

Dimensions: 600mm x400mm

Dimensions: 300- 520mm x 225 -300mm

Capacity: 72L

Capacity: 15L – 40L

Quantity: 30

Quantity: 50



Storage Equipment

Chemical Storage

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Corrosive Chemical Storage.jpg

Corrosive Chemical Storage.jpg

For safe storage of chemicals on site there is separate storage for corrosive and flammable chemicals on site. Station Managers must be informed of all chemicals brought onto the station and all users must complete the OIRS Chemical Register.

Reagents, solutions, solvents, and other chemicals, including water, must at all times be kept in appropriate laboratory containers (not food, drink or other recycled containers) and when not in use stored in the chemical/corrosive storage cabinets provided. Any chemicals brought onto the Station must be labeled appropriately and be accompanied by the relevant Material Safety Data Sheet(s).

All chemicals are to be taken off the Station by the user on departure, unless other arrangements for storage have been made with the Manager, OIRS in advance. Under no circumstances are chemicals to be disposed of down drains or elsewhere on the island.

Sample Storage



In addition to the sample fridge located in the dry laboratory area, there is also a toxic and non-toxic freezer available for storing samples on site during visits to the research station.

Laboratory Equipment


Fume Cabinet

Brand: Quantum Scientific

Brand: Smoothflow Lewis Fumehood


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Ice Machine

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Orpheus Island


The Orpheus Island Research Station actively seeks volunteers to assist with station duties throughout the year. See our Volunteer Program webpage for further information.

Research Station

Orpheus Island Research Station provides a range of excellent facilities to suit both research and educational groups.

Using the Station