Arriving at the Research Station

Upon Arrival at OIRS

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Once you arrive at OIRS station staff will assist you offloading gear from the transfer vessel onto the loader cage and to the areas required (Dive shed, labs and accommodation).

Before any research activities can be undertaken the following things need to be completed:

  • Allocation of kitchen, fridge and freezer space
  • Allocation of accommodation rooms issued with linen
  • Site safety induction: 
    • For new users or for those last visiting over 12 months previously this will take up to 40 minutes. 
    • For returning users allow around 10 minutes for a refresher and update on any changes since your last visit.
    • During this time any outstanding paper work for your visit must be fully completed.
  • Allocated boats, boat kits and marine radio
  • Boat and scuba compressor induction
    • Only applicable for new users, for those last visiting over 12 months previously or for those using different vessels to the last visit. This will take up to 30 min.
  • Allocated lab space
  • Induction into correct usage of the various pieces of lab equipment appropriate for your research project.

  • If you need to undertake boating activities immediately upon arrival to the station due to tidal influences please advise OIRS staff upon booking to allow expediting of the above procedures and movement of your allocated boat to one of the outer moorings.