Before Arriving at OIRS

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Pre-Arrival Planning

Ensure that you have all the necessary provisions and equipment for your visit. This includes all items required for setting up and conducting your research. Please note that OIRS does not hold stocks of basic equipment such as chemicals, cable ties, batteries or items for repairing faulty dive equipment. Nor does the station have any dive equipment available for hire or loan in the event of equipment failure. 

Ensure all luggage and cargo items being brought to the station are a maximum of 20 kilograms or comply with OIRS Weight Limits policy. Extremely heavy or bulky equipment may be able to brought onto OIRS using the Day and Day Barges ferry for an additional cargo handling cost. This ferry only stops at OIRS irregularly approximately once every three months, so forward planning is essential if this service is to be utilised. Optionally the barge maybe able to be diverted or chartered to OIRS at a users request but the full cost of this arrangement is to borne by the researcher. 

If required, place all food orders with Woolworths in Ingham (phone +61 7 4776 0099 and arrange to pick-up or have your order delivered to meet your vessel transfer). If a food delivery is required during your visit contact Station managers to arrange this. 

Contact the Station staff just prior to your visit to confirm pick-up and departures times.

Make your way to the Lucinda boat ramp and you’re off!

Resources and Equipment Available

OIRS research equipment and facilities is supplied on a 'first to book' basis, during peak periods. It is recommended that you include on your booking form any essential lab equipment to ensure it will be available - it might be booked by others or off the island for service.