Departing OIRS

Departure Planning

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Prior to your departure from OIRS you will be required to:Clean all station areas usedClean boat and ensure it is returned to mooring line at beach

  • Clean and return Boat Kit to OIRS dive shed storage area
  • Provide the following forms:
  • Boat usage log, including fuel usage
  • Dive log
  • Listing of any chemicals being left in storage until next visit
  • Listing of any equipment being left in storage until next visit
  • Listing of any samples being left in fridges/freezers until next visit
  • Updated kml file of research sites and equipment left in the field
  • Completed OIRS Research Permit Collection Form

Ensure all personnel items and research equipment is ready a minimum of 30 minutes prior to departure time for collection and loading onto departure vessel. OIRS staff will assist in movement of equipment from accommodation and dive areas utilising the stations loader.

Don’t forget to send us the details of any publications resulting from your research so we can publish them on our website.


An itemised cost statement for your stay will be presented for your authorisation prior to your departure from the station. External accounts will then be issued with a tax invoice on 30 day terms.

OIRS can accept payments on station by:

  1. JCU account
  2. Mastercard and Visa
  3. Cash

Payment can also be accepted by the JCU financial services team by:

  1. Direct deposit
  2. BPay