Education Groups

Education Group visits to Orpheus Island Research Station

Orpheus Island Research Station is well equipped to cater to tertiary, high school and primary school student groups of up to 53 persons.

Our educational facilities include:

  • A lecture theatre with multimedia and web conference capabilities
  • Fast wireless internet access throughout the station
  • Real-time data on current sea temperatures, salinity and turbidity from the seven weather stations operated by the Australian Institute of Marine Science
  • Laboratory facilities, including microscopes, centrifuge and other basic testing equipment
  • A reference library, and
  • 15,000 litre coral reef display tank.

The island's Pioneer Bay is easily accessible from the station without the need for boats. It offers a wide range of reef habitats and zones such as mangrove nurseries, sheltered reefs  and giant clam gardens. There is also ready access to the station aquaculture line, and a variety of reef management zones within a short boat ride of the station.

Groups may provide their own teaching and field staff and design their own educational courses. Alternatively, the Station can provide these services via senior students and staff from James Cook University, either through a number of pre-packaged modules which include lectures, workbooks and field components, or assist you to customise your own program.