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Using Orpheus Island Research Station for your research

Orpheus Island Research Station is well equipped to cater for your research group. Facilities include:

  • Five-star backpacker style accommodation
  • Fast wireless internet
  • A variety of vessels
  • A flow-through saltwater system, providing good quality seawater pumped through our lab areas that can be filtered as finely as 0.5 µm
  • A variety of aquaria, raceways and tanks up to 5,000 litres capacity
  • Five temperature controlled rooms
  • An air conditioned dry lab supplied with various microscopes, scientific and analytical equipment, and
  • Additionally, we have available in the field a 120 metre aquaculture line, 28 FAIMMS tracking monitors, and 5 GROBOOS bouys providing live data on salinity, turbidity, temperatures and climatic conditions.

Our larger vessel offers access to mid-shelf reefs such as Bramble and Rib Reefs for day trips, and overnight trips can be arranged in conjunction with JCU's fully equipped research vessel James Kirby. Three major marine science institutions - James Cook University, the Australian Institute of Marine Science and the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority - are based in nearby Townsville. Thus, a wealth of scientific resources including specialist expertise, libraries, laboratory facilities, collections, and technical support is close at hand.