What to Bring

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Packing checklist

  1. All grocery provisions. There are no grocery stores on the island, so all supplies must be brought from the mainland. For longer stays groceries and meat can be ordered from local stores on the mainland but conditions and charges apply. Also consider food storage containers, wraps and bags.
  2. Appropiate clothing. There are no laundry facilities on site.
  3. Personal water bottle.
  4. Towel(s).
  5. A stinger suit or wet suit must be worn for all aquatic activities between 1 October to 31 March.
  6. Snorkeling and dive gear.
  7. Shoes that can be worn in the water.
  8. Personal toiletries (including soap).
  9. Any special requirements such as prescription medication, contact lens supplies, etc.
  10. Hat, sunglasses, sunscreen (15+).
  11. Insect repellent / mosquito coils.
  12. Camera.
  13. Computer (if you need to access the internet).
  14. Cash or credit card.
  15. An enthusiastic outlook.

Please ensure all baggage is of manageable weight for easy handling (i.e. weigh less than 20 kilograms each).

You will be required to assist in loading and unloading all cargo into the transfer vessel for the final stage of the journey. This activity may occur in thigh-deep water, but generally just involves ankle-deep water. 

Upon arrival at the station all cargo is offloaded into a front end loader (tractor) for transport to the accommodation area.