Think about your dates, times, and what you need

Are you teaching a class, exploring the environment, or working on a research project? When do you want to visit? Are your dates flexible?

Get in touch

Our station staff will work with you to establish dates and times and what you need to make your visit a success. We'll let you know what you need to do and promise to make it as easy as possible.

Complete your safety induction

Your health and safety is our priority. Station staff will conduct a safety and site induction first thing on your arrival.

If you're unsure about anything, please let us know.

Make sure you're prepared

The Queensland sun can be more intense than you might be useful so make sure you pack accordingly; bring a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen.  During the wet season (typically summer months), you'll want to bring wet-weather gear as well and check weather reports ahead of your visit.

The northern Queensland coast is subject to tropical cyclones from November to April, and their occurrence is unpredictable. Cyclones may affect scheduling.

Enjoy your trip!

It's a scenic boat ride out to Orpheus Island so make sure you bring a camera.  We'll work with you to ensure you're aware of tides and other aspects that may affect your scheduled departure times to and from the Island.  When you're on the Island, make sure you take care to maintain the pristine nature of the area by avoiding damaging coral and other natural features.

View from the boat as you arrive at Pioneer Bay on Orpheus Island Arriving at Pioneer Bay Orpheus Island image