Dr Kate Russo

Portrait of Dr Kate Russo

2013 College Recipient. College of Healthcare Sciences

Dr Kate Russo is the Assistant Course Director, Doctoral program in Clinical Psychology, School of Psychology at Queens University in Belfast, Northern  Ireland; Principal Clinical Psychologist at the Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children; Regional Coordinator of Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis, Northern Ireland; and an Independent Consultant, and author.

She contributes to the health care of those with a variety of medical conditions, including cystic fibrosis, psoriasis, and inflammatory bowel disease, and has participated in international campaigns to improve patient quality of life.

Dr Russo is regularly invited to speak at national and international events, and runs training workshops for medical staff and patients across Ireland.  As an academic, she specializes in phenomenological research.

Born in Ingham, Dr Russo has worked as a Clinical Psychologist in England and then in Northern Ireland and since 2001 at the Royal Belfast Hospital and from 2008 at Queens University as well.  She has been an official Belfast Ambassador since 2009.

In 1999 she witnessed her first Total Solar Eclipse and became hooked on the phenomenon and its impact on people.  Last year she returned to her home State as a dedicated “eclipse chaser” to observe her eighth total solar eclipse and delight audiences by delivering a series of talks on the Cairns campus.

She is now a specialist eclipse advisor for Independent Traveller, a UK based tour operator, and is in talks with the Faroe Island community in preparation for the Total Solar Eclipse in 2015.  Her next book, about the 2012 North Queensland eclipse, will be out in November.

Dr Russo graduated with a Bachelor of Psychology with Honours from JCU in 1994 and subsequently earned a Masters in Clinical Psychology from Griffith University in 1997 and a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the University of Hull in England in 2007.