Andrew Anderson

Portrait of Andrew Anderson

2015 Early Career Recipient. College of Business, Law and Governance

Andrew Anderson is a Director in law firm, Anderson Legal and has been independently recommended as a leading white-collar crime, corporate crime and regulatory investigations lawyers in Australia.

Mr Anderson worked as a barrister for six years before joining the firm, working both in private practice and as a Principal Crown Prosecutor. He was first appointed a Crown Prosecutor in Queensland at age 22, before being appointed a Principal Crown Prosecutor at age 26. He has appeared as leading counsel in numerous criminal trials in the Supreme and District Courts, including for charges of murder and drug trafficking, as well as violent and sexual offences.

Andrew Anderson has a focus on complex criminal cases, particularly criminal appeals. He has a particular passion for issues that affect the rights and liberties of individuals.

He has appeared as junior counsel to the Solicitor-General of Queensland and the Director of Public Prosecutions in a number of successful appeals in the High Court. He has also appeared as leading counsel in a number of appeals in the Court of Appeal.

Mr Anderson provides expert legal advice as well as thorough and fearless advocacy in the courtroom. As a reflection of his professional reputation, he has been repeatedly selected by other lawyers who have required representation in court.

During his Economics and Law degree, Mr Anderson's thesis was co-supervised by the Aboriginal leader, Noel Pearson.

Mr Anderson graduated from James Cook University with a Bachelor of Economics - Bachelor of Laws with Honours in 2006.