Dr Sue Meek

Portrait of Dr Sue Meek

2010 College Recipient, College of Science and Engineering

As Principal of Sue Meek and Associates, Dr Sue Meek AO FTSE aims to apply over 35 years of experience in science communication, advocacy and policy development, and expertise in research administration, commercialisation and regulation to the benefit of institutions, organisations and the community

Dr Meek completed her PhD at James Cook University in 1981, having chosen the university from her home in the UK because it was the nearest one to the Great Barrier Reef.   While her intention was to complete her studies and return home she quickly became a convert to Australia and decided to stay permanently.

Her doctorate on coral growth and regeneration was the first to be jointly supervised by AIMS and JCU.

Until 2016 Dr Meek was Chief Executive of the Australian Academy of Science, the national body established to champion, celebrate and support scientific excellence. Before her appointment to the Academy in 2008, Dr Meek was for seven years Australia’s Gene Technology Regulator and was responsible for administering and enforcing the national regulatory system for the development and use of gene technology.

Dr Meek took on the regulator role after being Executive Director of the Science and Technology Division of the Western Australian Department of Commerce and Trade.

Updated October 2016