Constable Carla Duncan

2020 Early Career College Recipient, College of Arts, Society and Education

Carla Duncan graduated from James Cook University in 2015 with a Bachelor of Social Science, majoring in Criminology and Psychology. After a career in youth justice at the Cleveland Youth Detention Centre, Carla joined the Australian Federal Police in 2016.

She was awarded the Australian Federal Police Bravery Medal for displaying extraordinary bravery, tenacity and composure when placing herself in personal danger in protection of her colleagues in 2018. Sadly, as a result of her heroic efforts at helping to protect her colleagues from being assaulted, she was permanently injured in her hand (as well as suffered serious injuries to her leg) by a pit-bull terrier (who was used by a suspect as a weapon) that required multiple and extensive surgeries to correct. Carla has overcome profound physical and emotional suffering to serve the community in an upstanding fashion since – which her Australian Federal Police Bravery Medal can attest to.