Ivan Jeftic

Ivan Jeftic is a PhD Candidate within the School of Human Sciences (Exercise & Sport Science) at The University of Western Australia.

Ivan’s research focuses on the Stride program, which the PAHL team has developed in conjunction with the Thriving program (UWA). Ivan is passionate about assisting students with mental health problems through exercise and psychological support, and helping these students achieve the best possible experience from their tertiary studies – both academically and socially. His research project focuses on the effectiveness of Stride at promoting students’ wellbeing, confidence, their self-perceptions of academic achievement, mental and physical health, and physical activity adherence.

Outside of his specific PhD research, Ivan’s research interests are mainly focused on community interventions to assist people through exercise, and his general interests include soccer (which is why he is a big fan of the Man vs Fat Program!), and anything related to cars.