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HDR Enrolment Procedure

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This procedure elaborates the Application & Enrolment Section of the Higher Degree Research (HDR) Requirements and specifies the procedure for enrolment into a HDR.

This procedure addresses HESF Standards 1.1: Admissions; 1.3:Orientation and Progression; and 4.2: Research Training.


This Procedure applies to prospective candidates for HDRs offered by the University.


Terms mentioned in this document and not defined here are defined in the Policy Glossary in the Learning and Teaching domain of the University Policy Library and in the Higher Degree by Research (HDR) Requirements.


1. In order to be enrolled in a HDR, an applicant must have:

a) formally accepted a current degree offer;

b) supplied original or certified copy of the qualifying degree academic transcript (and testamur if available) if obtained at a non-Australian institution,

c) met any pre-enrolment conditions of the offer, and

d) met any Australian Visa requirements.

2. A candidate must enrol on the date specified in their Offer of Admission unless alternative arrangements have been approved as per HDR Application Procedure.

3. A candidate will be enrolled at a rate of either full time (1 EFTSL per year) or part time (0.5 EFTSL per year).

4. A candidate must attend the Graduate Research School (GRS) on the specified enrolment date unless alternative prior arrangements have been made, for example by approved external candidates.

5. On the date of enrolment, the GRS will ensure that all conditions for enrolment as specified in the Offer of Admission are met. Candidates who have not met the conditions specified will not be enrolled.

6. If a candidate is transferring from another course or university, the HDR Transfer of Enrolment Procedure must also be followed.

7. On confirmation of the candidate’s eligibility for enrolment, the GRS will admit the candidate in the specified degree,  enrol the candidate in the relevant subject for the degree in the Student Management System and enter the consequential due dates for milestone completion and thesis submission.

8. All HDR enrolments and enrolment modifications, including subject enrolments, must be undertaken by the GRS. Candidates cannot self manage their enrolment or course details through eStudent.

9. An enrolled HDR candidate is bound by all policies and procedures of the University in relation to enrolment in a University degree and the degree in which they are enrolled.

10. HDR candidature formally begins on the date of enrolment and any associated fees accrue from that date.

11. A scholarship awarded and/or managed by the University will normally start on the date of enrolment, unless the scholarship conditions prevent this or other arrangements have been agreed to and approved by the relevant parties. A scholarship will not commence prior to the date of enrolment.

12. On completion of the enrolment process, the GRS will provide:

  • email notification to the candidate and their Advisory Panel confirming the enrolment and the due dates for milestones; and
  • a Welcome Pack for the candidate.

13. A HDR candidate who is required to undertake a Post-Entry English Language Assessment (PELA) (see HDR English Language Requirements Procedure) will be required to undertake this assessment on the first available date following enrolment.

14. All HDR candidates are required to attend the first available Induction Session following their enrolment.

15. The candidate and their Advisors are expected to meet as soon as possible after enrolment to:

  • begin planning the work that will need to be completed for the Confirmation of Candidature;
  • discuss any requirements such as ethics or training;
  • establish a schedule for regular meetings; and
  • complete CAA-FORM-01 Candidate & Advisor 6 Week Check-In which is due to the GRS 6 weeks after enrolment.

16. On enrolment in the degree, the HDR candidate should familiarise themselves with the policies, procedures and requirements in place for their degree and research.

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  • Added details of how consumed EFTSL should be handled if have commenced but not completed a HDR at another university.
  • Documentation requirements for new candidates.
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