Policy Elite Athlete Friendly University Policy

Elite Athlete Friendly University Policy


To provide necessary support and flexibility for formally identified Elite Athlete students in accordance with Appendix A: JCU Submission to National Network of Elite Athlete Friendly Universities (NNEAFU) and Appendix B: Guiding Principles as outlined in the University’s agreement with the NNEAFU, in order to ensure that these students can more readily and more successfully combine their academic and sporting aspirations while studying at our University.


For athletes to access the support identified within the Appendices of the JCU/NNEAFU Agreement, they must be identified and recognized, or be a member of one of the following organisations as an elite athlete or coach:

  • Australian Institute of Sport

  • State Institutes or Academies of Sport

  • AFL Players’ Association

  • Australian Cricketers’ Association

  • Rugby Union Players’ Association

  • Rugby League Professionals’ Association

  • Australian Professional Footballers’ Association

  • National squad members from Australian Sports Commission funded sports

  • Senior/Head coaches from state and territory institutes/academies of sport, national teams from Australian Sports Commission funded sports

Elite Athletes whose sporting commitments are not recognized by one of the above organization and entities may submit an application to the Nominated NNEAFU JCU Staff Contact for consideration of merit-based inclusion.

Please note: the NNEAFU agreement extends to the Cairns and Townsville Campuses only


Nominated Staff Contact

A nominee of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, University Services has been appointed to advocate for elite athletes supported under the NNEAFU Agreement and will liaise with various members of University staff to help implement a range of support services to support these students.

In support of the NNEAFU Agreement, Faculties/Schools will:

  • Liaise with the NNEAFU staff contact (identified above) to hold pre-enrolment interviews with formally identified prospective student Sport Scholars to provide advice and guidance on academic planning and course selections as well as any cross institutional study or credit transfer.

  • Encourage student participation in the Teaching and Learning Mentoring Program.

  • Assist the nominated NNEAFU staff contact with monitoring of student progress including advocating for student athletes within the University environment at all levels.

  • Negotiate flexibility to meet academic requirements

Assessment related flexibility requirements

In line with the Learning, Teaching and Assessment Policy (particularly CP3, 5 & 7) and where practicable and within constraints for academic accreditation requirements, the following options should be considered, however are exclusive of guarantee:

  • Flexible assessment deadlines based on sporting related travel commitments

  • Ability to sit exams externally under exam conditions, within the athlete’s environment

  • Flexible attendance levels for student athletes at lectures and tutorials as a result of attendance at major sporting competitions and training

  • To ensure that lecture materials are made available to the students and that tutorial requirements are relaxed in accordance with the guiding principles.

  • Enrolment related flexibility requirements:

  • Flexibility with tutorial and practical timetables to accommodate their sporting commitments.

  • Extensions of the maximum time required to complete subjects/courses due to reduced study loads.

  • Flexible leave of absence including extensions in time allowed for subject completion, due to selection for major sporting competitions such as the Olympic Games.

  • Aspects of cross-institutional enrolment study options and requirements, including extensions of enrolment and/or subjects that students can complete by cross-institutional study.

  • Intensive (block mode) study alternatives.

Course related needs

Elite Athlete Students will be given access to materials (where possible) for classes, lectures, tutorials or practicals that may have been missed due to elite sporting commitments.

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Deputy Vice Chancellor, Academic

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Academic Board

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31st August 2017

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Policy sponsor and approval authority amended to reflect approved policy framework


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Australian Institute of Sport recommended minor amendments to eligibility guidelines to provide further clarity – amendments approved by Policy Sponsor.

Policy Sponsor role amended from DVC University Services to DVC Academic to reflect organsiation re-structure




Policy ratified by Council (refer to Council minutes 3/13). ‘Interim’ removed from the policy.


25th July 2012

1st August 2012

Endorsed by VCAC