Policy Intercampus Mobility

Intercampus Mobility


This policy determines the requirements to allow students of JCU to participate in an international experience (either in Australia or in Singapore) as part of the Intercampus Mobility Program.


This policy applies to all coursework students enrolled at JCU’s Townsville, Cairns and Singapore campuses.  This policy does not apply to students studying at JCU Brisbane campus, students participating in Student Exchange Programs or Study Abroad Programs or students wishing to permanently transfer from one campus to another.


Definitions of terms used in this policy are as per the Glossary of Terms for Policies in the Student and Teaching & Course Management chapters of the Policy Library

Additional terms:

  • Intercampus Mobility – the period of study where a student undertakes part of their course of study at an Overseas JCU Campus.
  • Campus Transfer – a Campus Transfer occurs when a continuing JCU student moves to a different JCU campus or study centre and does not intend to return to their original JCU campus or study centre.
  • Academic Status – the classification of a student’s academic progress in their studies at any one point in time, based on the student’s academic performance at the end of the last teaching period in which they were enrolled.
  • Good Standing – the student’s academic performance in their most recent teaching or study period is satisfactory.
  • Home Campus – means the campus at which a student commenced their course and to which the student will return at the end of their Intercampus Mobility.
  • Home Campus Tuition Fee Amount – means the tuition fees paid by the student to their Home Campus for the period of their Intercampus Mobility.
  • Host Campus - the campus at which the student will undertake their Intercampus Mobility.
  • Host Campus Tuition Fee Amount –the tuition fees that would have been paid by the student at their Host Campus had they transferred to the Host Campus at the time they commenced the Intercampus Mobility.
  • Overseas Campus – a campus in a country other than the country of the student’s Home Campus.
  • Student Debtor – a student who is a debtor as defined in the Student Debtors – Penalties Policy (FMPM 270-2).
  • Transfer Fee – is the difference between the host and home campus tuition fee amounts for subjects studied while participating in intercampus mobility.


1. Eligibility criteria for Intercampus Mobility

1.1 To be eligible to apply for Intercampus Mobility, at the time of application the student must meet all of the following criteria:

a) be admitted to a JCU coursework program at one of the following campuses: JCU Townsville, JCU Cairns or JCU Singapore;

b) have an academic status of ‘Good Standing’;

c) be a minimum of 18 years old;

d) be committed to completing their course primarily in the country of their Home Campus;

e) not be a Student Debtor; and

f) be continuing the same course of study and majors at the proposed Host Campus.

In addition to a) through f) above, Undergraduate applicants must:

g) be admitted to a bachelor course. Diploma students are not permitted to apply for intercampus mobility; and
h) have completed, and been awarded a grade, for a minimum of 9 credit points of study load at their Home Campus.

In addition to a) through f) above, Postgraduate applicants:

i) with a cognate qualification can apply while they are enrolled in their first study period;
j) who do not possess a cognate qualification must have successfully completed, and been awarded a Pass grade or higher, for a minimum of 9 credit points of study load at their Home Campus.

In addition to a) through f) above, externally sponsored applicants must:

k) provide written consent from their external sponsor that acknowledges that the student is applying for Intercampus Mobility and may subsequently change campus for the period of Intercampus Mobility.

2. Approval to participate in Intercampus Mobility

2.1  The Faculty Registrar, Associate Faculty Registrar (JCU Townsville or JCU Cairns) or Senior Associate Registrar (JCU Singapore) at the student’s home campus is responsible for the approval of eligible students to participate in Intercampus Mobility.
2.2 To be approved to participate in Intercampus Mobility:
a) an appropriate selection of subjects must be available for the student to study at the host campus in the proposed study periods. The subjects must align with the student’s course and major requirements and fit with the study plan.
b) the study load must comply with legislative requirements of the host campus.

3. Period of Intercampus Mobility

3.1 A student is permitted to undertake a maximum of 24 credit points of their course of study via Intercampus Mobility.

4. Conditions of participation in Intercampus Mobility

4.1 To participate in Intercampus Mobility, a student must:
a) have signed and returned their Participation Agreement or Student Contract, as appropriate;
b) At the time their period of Intercampus Mobility commences:
i. have an academic status of 'Good Standing',
ii. not be a Student Debtor; and
iii. hold the appropriate visa which allows them to study at the Host Campus.

5. Fees and Charges

5.1 For the period of Intercampus Mobility, all fees and charges will be charged by and payable to the Home Campus as if the student was studying at the Home Campus.

5.2 The student must pay all expenses associated with their participation in Intercampus Mobility, including but not limited to:

a) the cost of textbooks and educational supplies;
b) all travel, visa, accommodation and living costs;
c) all travel and health insurance costs, and medical and pharmaceutical expenses, including health insurance costs which are required as part of the student’s visa; and
d) all costs resulting from modification or termination of a student's participation in the Intercampus Mobility, for any reason.

6.Transfer fee

6.1 The Transfer Fee will be imposed by the University to ensure that students do not use the Intercampus Mobility program to obtain a lower tuition fee liability in circumstances where the student intends to transfer to an Australian Campus from an Overseas JCU Campus. The student will be required to pay a Transfer Fee if:

a) the student requests a Campus Transfer to an  Australian Campus or Study Centre during or immediately following their Intercampus Mobility, without completing at least 3 credit points of study load at their Home Campus on completion of the period of Intercampus Mobility;
b) the request for a Campus Transfer is approved; and
c) the Host Campus Tuition Fee Amount is greater than the Home Campus Tuition Fee Amount.

6.2 The Transfer Fee will be calculated in Australian dollars using the exchange rate at the Census Date of the applicable study period during the Intercampus Mobility period. It must be paid to JCU Australia prior to a Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE) being issued to the student for the balance of their course.

6.3 In the event that a student does not obtain a visa which allows them to participate in the Intercampus Mobility, the Transfer Fee will be refunded to the student in accordance with the refund policy of the campus to which they were proposing to transfer.

7. Exceptional circumstances

The University may consider special cases where this policy does not adequately encompass individual circumstances. Applications for special consideration must be received in writing and include supporting documentation. Applications for special consideration are to be directed to the relevant Divisional Enrolment Team in the first instance, with a final decision made by the relevant Deputy Vice Chancellor.

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