Policy Review of Final Subject Result Procedure

Review of Final Subject Result Procedure


This procedure specifies the process relating to a students’ right of review of a final subject result.  This process must be undertaken before a formal Appeal of Final Subject Result can be considered.


This procedure applies to final subject results only for all undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students and subjects.


Definition of terms used in this policy are as per the Student Appeal Policy and the Policy Glossary unless otherwise stated.

The terms Deferred Examination and Special Consideration have the meanings given to those terms in the Special Consideration, Supplementary, Deferred and Special Examinations Policy.

Legitimate Grounds for Review:

A student may apply for a review of a final subject result where:

A.  a subject outline was not provided or complied with in accordance with the Subject Outlines Policy;

B.  a student is of the view that a clerical error has occurred in the determination of the final subject result;

C.  due regard has not been paid to the evidence of Extenuating Circumstances (as previously provided to the University, as part of an application for Special Consideration or Deferred Examination.)


1.   Request for Review – Subject Coordinator

1.1.  Prior to requesting a review of the final result for a subject the student must have checked the stated assessment information in the Subject Outline.

1.2. To request a review the student must email the Subject Coordinator to seek feedback about their performance in all assessment within the subject.

1.3. To meet timelines the request for review should be submitted via JCU student email as soon as possible, but within 20 University working days of the publication of final results.

1.4. The Subject Coordinator must respond to both the student and their Academic Head within 5 University working days of receiving the request for review. The matter may be resolved at this level.

2.  Review – Academic Head

2.1. If unresolved at clause 1, the student will, within 5 University working days of the Subject Coordinators notification, provide a written statement with supporting documentation detailing one or more Legitimate Ground/s for review. This documentation shall be submitted via student email with the subject line “Request for Review - <Subject Code>” to the relevant Academic Head for review.

2.2. The Academic Head will review the information provided and determine whether to uphold the original result or to amend the result.

2.3. The Academic Head will provide a written decision, including reasons for the decision, and information regarding the student’s rights to further appeal, to the student, and to the relevant College or Divisional office for record keeping purposes, within 5 university working days.

3.   Amended Results and Record Keeping

3.1.  At any point during the review process where a decision maker identifies that a subject result should be amended, the Subject Coordinator or Academic Head will be responsible for ensuring that the amendment is actioned via the appropriate amended results processes.

3.2. Record keeping will be managed as per the Student Appeal Policy

4. Right to Appeal

If, after receiving a review decision under clause 2 of this procedure, a student believes they have legitimate grounds for appeal they may initiate this under the terms of the Student Appeal Policy and the Appeal of Final Subject Result Procedure.

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