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Planning Management Policy

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This policy sets out the requirements for the development, approval, implementation, management and reporting of the University’s planning framework.


This policy applies to the University’s planning framework.


Accountable Officer


KPI – Key Performance Indicator

PI – Performance Indicator

OPT – Operational Performance Target


Each year the University must develop, review or refresh:

  • The Strategic Intent (Vision) which spans five to ten years;
  • The University Plan (Strategic Plan) which spans three to five years; and
  • Divisional Plans, and JCUS Plan (Operational Plans) for the triennium.

The University’s strategic plan must:

  • be developed in the context of environmental factors (e.g. economic, legislative, political and technological) in line with QLD Government ambitions;
  • state the time-frame to be covered by the plan;
  • identify the University’s purpose, role, goals, statement of strategic intent, and outputs;
  • allow outputs to be measurable by ways of agreed KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and PIs (Performance Indicators);
  • identify and analyse the impact of key issues on;
    • the University’s operations; and
    • achieving the Government’s social and fiscal objectives;
  • state the relationship between the University’s goals and outputs, and the Government’s social and fiscal objectives;
  • state the ways in which the University intends to:
    • achieve its goals and outputs, and
    • assist in achieving the Governments’ social and fiscal objectives;
  • be prepared and available before the start of the timeframe to which the plan applies; and
  • be available to be submitted to the Queensland Premier, Treasurer,   Education Minister.

The Operational plans must:

  • be developed for each Division of the University, and JCUS;
  • be consistent with, and support, the University’s  plan;
  • be developed in the context of the University’s plan covering environmental factors (eg. economic, legislative, political and technological);
  • state the time-frame to be covered by the plan;
  • provide for the outputs the University intends to deliver during the plan’s time-frame;
  • highlight areas of risk and opportunity;
  • include details about output performance measures (Operational Performance Targets) to allow assessment of the University’s performance in delivering the outputs;
  • the operational plans should identify the progress towards the achievement of last year’s goals, strategies, performance measures (Operational Performance Targets), and the University’s priorities; and
  • be prepared and available before the start of the time-frame to which the plan applies.




Development of Strategic Intent

Vice Chancellor

Approval of Strategic Intent

Approval of the Academic Plan


Approval of the University Plan

Vice Chancellor

Development of Divisional Plans and JCUS Plan

Deputy Vice Chancellors, and the Chief of Staff

Approval of  Divisional Plans and JCUS Plan

Vice Chancellor (for Divisions Plans)

JCUS Board (For JCUS Plan)

Implementation of: Strategic intent;

University Plan; and Operational plans.

Head of Organisational Unit

Management of planning process

Director, Quality, Planning and Analytics

Reporting to the Minister

Vice Chancellor

Related policy instruments

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Related documents and legislation

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Agency Planning Requirements 2011

A Guide to the Queensland Government Performance Management Framework 2009

James Cook University Act 1997

FMPM 830 – Budgets

Performance Management Policy


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Policy Sponsor

Vice Chancellor

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Changes made to reflect headline restructure 30/04/2018.

Quality, Standards and Policy




Minor amendments – formatting; ownership transferred from Finance to Quality & Planning Domain and approval authority changed to reflect the Policy and Delegations Framework.

Quality, Planning and Analytics




Policy Sponsor and Approval Authority updated to reflect the approved Policy and Delegations Framework

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Finance Committee (06/11)