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Financial and Operational Performance Management Policy

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This policy sets out the requirements for the preparation and reporting of the University’s financial and operational performance.


This policy applies to the management and reporting of the University’s financial and operational performance.


Accountable Officer


Annual Report

KPI – Key Performance Indicator

Operational Plan

OPT – Operational Performance Target


PI - Performance Indicator

Performance Management

Performance Management Framework (PMF)

Strategic Plan


University Plan


In managing the performance of the University, the University must comply with ‘A guide to the Queensland Government Performance Management Framework’ prepared by the Department of the Premier and Cabinet.

It is the responsibility of the Director, Quality, Planning and Analytics to establish systems for obtaining information which enables the University to decide whether it is:

  • achieving the objectives stated in its Strategic Plan efficiently, effectively and economically; and
  • delivering the services stated in its Operational Plan to the standard stated in the plan.

The systems in place to evaluate the achievement of objectives must include assessing the following:

  • the appropriateness of the objectives and the services delivered to achieve the objectives;
  • whether the University’s performance indicators are suitable to assess the extent to which the objectives have been achieved; and
  • the options to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability of the University’s operations


The University Council is responsible for approving the Key Performance Indicators (measures of overall performance at a University level).

Relevant Committee(s) of Council are responsible for the oversight and approval of Performance Indicators.

The Vice Chancellor is responsible for approving Operational Performance Targets (measures performance at Divisional level and for JCUS).

The Director, Financial and Business Services is responsible for the preparation of Financial Performance reports comprising:

  • Financial Management Reports; and
  • Statutory Accounts (included in the Annual Report).

Reports on performance must be provided:

  • to the Vice Chancellor and University Council:
  • financial performance - at least once every 3 months;
  • operational performance – at least once every 6 months1;
  • when the Vice Chancellor or University Council requests the information;


  • to the appropriate Minister at least annually, or when the Minister requests the information.

1 The Financial Performance Management Standard 2009 (s13) requires that reports on operational performance be provided to the Accountable Officer (Vice Chancellor) and Council every 3 months. The University reports operational performance via KPI/KPM acquittals every 6 months, and due to the nature of the data provided, there is no value-add benefit in reporting at a shorter timeframe. Consequently, the Policy proposes a reporting timeframe of 6 months.

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