Workplace Bullying and Intimidation Policy

Policy Equity Workplace Bullying and Intimidation Policy

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James Cook University (JCU) has responsibility and commitment to providing a safe work environment for all staff and students.

This policy provides the principles, provisions and values for James Cook University to support the provision of a workplace free of bullying and intimidation.


This policy applies to all James Cook University staff and students.


Workplace bullying - repeated and unreasonable behaviour directed towards a worker or a group of workers that creates a risk to health and safety.

Repeated behaviour - the persistent nature of the behaviour and can involve a range of behaviours over time contributing to bullying and intimidating behaviour.

Unreasonable behaviour - behaviour that a reasonable person having considered the circumstances, would see as unreasonable, including behaviour that is victimising, humiliating, intimidating or threatening.


The Workplace Bullying and Intimidation Policy is underpinned by the following principles:

1.   Workplace bullying and intimidation is not condoned at James Cook University.

2.   All staff and students have a mutual and equal responsibility to abide by James Cook University values.

3.   All claims of bullying and intimidation will be managed respectfully of all parties involved in the matter.

4.   The principles of procedural fairness and equity apply in the management of claims.

5.   All information gathered to resolve a claim will be treated as privileged information.

6.   If workplace bullying behaviour involves physical violence or assault the matter must be reported to the Police.

7.   Where practical claims of bullying will be resolved at a local workplace level. Where this is not successful or it is deemed inappropriate the matter will be escalated.

8.   Managers or supervisors who fail to act on incidents and reports of workplace bullying and intimidation may be in breach of University policies, agreements and the University Code of Conduct.

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Related documents and legislation

Guide for Preventing and Responding to Workplace Bullying, Safe Work Australia 

Work Health and Safety Act 2011

JCU Enterprise Agreement

JCU Code of Conduct


Approval Details

Policy Sponsor

Deputy Vice-Chancellor Services and Resources

Approval Authority

Human Resources Committee

Date for next review

31 July 2018

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22/07/2015 (Council - Circulating Resolution)

23 July 2015

Updated to align with JCU’s Policy Framework.  Updated definitions in line with WHS Act 2011.  Inclusion of Clauses to show Consequences of breach the Policy (replacing previous Disciplinary Action section) and management of Complaints not substantiated.

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